My Books

My children books are for all ages. They are full of life lessons and have great character. Please be sure to stay connected for more books to come. I appreciate your interest; to order please click the BUY IT link below. 

Generation Next by Chanda W Johnson
Generation Next
Generation Next is a children's book designed to get our new generation of children to learn more about themselves, their cultural background, and history. This book is also full of activities that will get their minds going and start up their imagination.  Inside they will find that the activities are fun and they will see that there is so much to life if you just live and explore. It will help them release their imagination and think about things they never have before.

De'Asia's Adventures (Coming Soon)

Be on the look out for my new children's book series...De'Asia's Adventures! De'Asia is a funny and loving toddler that is curious and full of energy. There is no telling what she will be up to in her little world.

Be on the look out!