A Little About the Author

The author Chanda W. Johnson is full of fun and love. I have always dreamed as a little girl to have my own business and to also be able to help others in any way pos

sible. One thing for sure I knew that I always wanted to write books. I don't want to just write children books, but adult books as well. I want to write books that will keep you inspired, ones that you can enjoy, learn from, and remember for a life time. Reading a good book is priceless and I hope that with my new book as well as others to come that I can produce this in my books.

Writing is not my only talent, but I have been blessed to have a variety of skills. Along with these amazing award winning books. Chanda W. Johnson also offers professional wedding coordination, graphics and designs, shirts, tumblers, and natural hair products and accessories for children.

I am just an ordinary woman, but I consider myself a Boss. I don't stop no matter what, so with hard work, Faith, and determination I will reach all of my goals and continue to offer great products. Stay tune and be sure to follow me on social media and subscribe. My book can be purchased in my store or in the "BOOK" tab on my website. This is only the beginning.

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