Children Safety

With so much going on in the world today we have to take the time out of our busy schedules to make sure that our children have the proper care that they need. One of the most important things that parents often forget is to show their children love and support.

It is becoming extremely popular now to hear that children are running away from home, committing suicide, and killing each other, missing, kidnapped, etc.

As parents we have to stick by our child(ren), speak life over them and don't be afraid to talk with them about what's going on in their life. We have to remember to be their parents and not their friend. Most importantly as parents we must be better aware of who our children associate with and their whereabouts.

In this world today where electronics are taking over this new generation and most children have some sort of electronic device, parents need to be tech savvy and stay informed of the different applications and social sites. With electronics it gives the children an even broader way to communicate. This form of communication can sometimes get into the hands of the wrong people. Parents we should be as aware as possible of the things that our children are doing.

Growing up in the earlier years we enjoyed ourselves and we had freedom to hang out and play with our friends; oh but wait we had rules. We couldn't just roam around without our parents knowing where we were or who we were with at all times. Most importantly we had to be in the house before the street lights came on. There was no “Mom, I'm going to Sarah's or Tony's house!” Nooooo, not until the parents talked first and on top of that we better had asked and not told our parents what our plans were. These are the things that as parents we have to get back to doing.

Oh boy...this is where feathers begin to get ruffled! As parents we must stop defending our children and holding them to such high standards. “My baby wouldn't do that” or “Not my child”; we all have been here or said this at some point, but peer pressure is another big issue in today's time. Besides what makes your child any different than the rest? Everyone falls short at some point in their life, but that's okay. Experience is the best teacher and we learn from our mistakes. We have to support each other as parents. I tell my friends all the time if you know of something my girls are doing that I wouldn't approve of let me know or if you see them out doing something that is inappropriate feel free to check them first and then call me. As parents we have to stop getting so offended when someone comes to tell us something about our children and things shouldn't be that way. We need to connect as one and become a village; by that I mean look out for each other's children. I don't want my friends to turn the other cheek to my children ever or I shouldn't feel that they are a topic of discussion amongst everyone, no. They are all children and children are going to make mistakes, but when they do we need to be the support that's needed to help them get it right.

Think about your childhood and the way things have changed today and just be aware. Make sure you instill in your children to think for themselves and to not be a follower regardless of what their peers may think. Most importantly always allow them to be open and expressive, however when they do this we must be an open ear and understanding.

Don't act like you never did anything when you were a child. We have all done something, but we learned from it and we are still here. some of us only by the grace of! The point is though let's get more involved and active with our children and others too if you see where you can assist.

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