Parental Tips for the Summer

Parents it is essential for us to be involved in our children's life as much as possible. You and your child made it through several months of distance learning, which was definitely a challenge for us all. The end of year was ruff and not expected, but we didn’t let it stop us from making it to the end of the year. Now that the summer's here we can take a big breather, but we don’t want to get too relaxed. We must jump on our summer learning activities and be sure to find activities that will keep your child(ren) going.

Over the summer support your child’s learning activities, make it fun and exciting. However, you should make sure that you focus on three main subjects: reading, writing, and math. The first step should be to check with your child’s school for their summer reading list and any learning packets that they have to offer. Don’t just give your child a list of books or a stack of papers. Be sure to interact and engage with your child daily and have conversations. Create a schedule and have weekly learning goals.

Reading: After completing the summer reading that is required by your child’s school. Allow your child to choose some books that they hold an interest in and have to read at least 30 mins per day and after completing each book have them to write a short summary. I encourage you to spend some time reading with your child as well, it is awesome bonding time!

Math: A great way to practice math is by purchasing math workbooks according to your child’s grade level and have them complete at least one page per day. There are also several different free math applications you can download on an electronic device for your child to get in some math practice.

Writing: Give your child a topic and have them to practice writing on a chosen subject. Another great idea is to let your child create a summer journal, they can write down all of the things they do during the summer and express themselves.

During the summer break allow your child to have many different experiences including different service projects. This will give them time to explore some different activities other than just school work. Playing with siblings, gardening, taking walks, doing yard work, being creative outdoors and having some outdoor play. Be sure to stay consistent and as positive as possible. By staying on top of things your child will be ready to get back into the classroom or transition back into distance learning. COVID-19 is causing us to take many different cautious methods, so we have to be sure that we keep these in mind and not forget. The government is opening up many different businesses, but please remember that we must stay safe.

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-Chanda W. Johnson

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