Building Your Children's Self Esteem

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

In life we have to make sure that we are here for our children. We should be the ones that they look to for guidance and support versus them looking to their peers. One of the very first steps we must take is building their self esteem. We have to teach our children to think for themselves. In other words they need to know how to be a leader and not a follower. Our children should not worry about satisfying their peers, but instead know the importance of self love.

As parents there are several things we can do in order to assist our child(ren) in building their self esteem. As parents we also have to learn to let our children become competent in the world. We have to some times step back and let our children take risks, make their own choices, solve problems, and stick with what they start. We should never ever over praise our children, because it can be more harm than good.Nevertheless, trial and error always presents life lessons and is one of the best ways to build confidence. If we choose to praise our children too much it can cause them to start thinking that they are perfect or they will aim to try and be perfect all the times.

We also have to be smart about the choices we make when allowing them to make their own choices. The choices they're allowed to make should be ones that are age appropriate such as dressing according to the weather, shopping for clothes, or maybe another small purchase. We should also remember to allow them to be helpful with cleaning, cooking, the dishes, yard work, or setting the table.

As parents we sometimes get so overwhelmed and busy in our day to day schedule thay we run out of time in the day before we know it. We all do it, so we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it, but instead make it high priority that we're available for our children when they need us and that we don't just push them away. Along with being available and we must allow them to be open about anything. As their parent we're going to tell them what's best for them. When their friends give them advice it's no telling what they might get.

It's also important to be understanding and not speak negative or insulting language to our children. Always remember that harsh words stay forever. Instead of being the bad guy we must be the one that is speaking positive and encouraging words. When children hear it they tend to believe it and strive to do their best and work hard. We should also remember to tell them that their, beautiful, smart, intelligent, brave, strong, and any other words of encouragement.

Building your child's confidence will be so rewarding in the end and it is something that will help them through their entire life's journey. It will change the way they see world.

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