Helping Your Child(ren) with Reading

It's so easy to just tell our children to read, but what are they reading? Is it a book that's fun and entertaining? Is it something they can relate to?

When choosing books for our children or assisting them in finding books; allow them to have a say in what they read during their free time and I can assure you that they will began to read more and love it. Reading is like watching a good book or a t.v. show. However, the more you do it the better you become at it.

When you’re reading something you enjoy or would like to know more about; it keeps you interested and makes you want to read and learn more. Children also find it interesting to read books that they can relate to. They sometimes find that they have a lot in common with the characters. Maybe the character is going to the fifth grade,could she possibly have an curly Afro like them, or maybe she wants a puppy. You just never know; these are the types of books they should aim for.

What are some things your child likes? My daughter loves animals; mostly dolphins and she also loves to read books about other children and different children situations. While reading books that she enjoys it feels her with excitement and when she gets one that she really likes she often will read them more than once. This encourages her to want to get a good book and read, because it is what interest her.

Parents also keep in mind that your child is never to old for you to read with them. It is actually a great way to spend some quality time. You can read to your child, allow them to read to you, or you can both read together. Try to make it as fun as possible; by getting into character. After reading with them always be sure to ask questions and talk about it. This let’s you know if they enjoyed it, what they enjoyed about it , and their comprehension to what was read.

Reading is fundamental and a great hobby to pick up, because it will take them a long way. Reading is a skill that we use everyday in life, therefore it is important.

-Author Chanda W. Johnson

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