Long Hair and Then What?

Oh the joys of being natural! Being natural has several advantages, however for a working mother of two it can sometimes be a major struggle, but that is only on certain terms. For me it’s the thickness and the length that really drags me down which causes it to become a struggle for me.

    I transitioned to natural over two years ago when my 9 year old daughter asked me, “Mom, why is your hair straight and mine is curly?” hmmm… that gave me a lot to think about.

I like to consider myself as a role model to my daughters. Therefore, making the decision to go natural was easy. I starting by cutting my hair to a very short cut and begin to let it slowly transition from there. I would wear a lot of protective styles such as sew ins, braids, and crochets styles. Two years later I am completely natural, my hair is past the midpoint of my back, super thick, and it is a challenge.

    For most of us hair care takes a huge amount of time. When you have to juggle being a mom, work, and things that must get done around the house it makes the task a little more difficult; not to add that my oldest has just as much hair as myself and the youngest;her hair is a little challenging,because of her length. Therefore, I am trying different methods to get hers to grow. As a mother your time is very limited, but you have to learn to make time for yourself; it may be exhausting, but it is a must. Know that you’re not alone; there are several moms going through the same thing you are.

           While maintaining my hair there are a few things that I find to be helpful for to when it comes to maintaining my hair.

*Get organized-it helps when your hair products are all together in one place.

*Master simple styles-learn to do styles that are simple, but cute. Decide on the ones that work best for you; pinups, wash and gos, or maybe even a twist out.

*Keep Regimen Simple- Find what works for you and stick to it.

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