Momma Knows Best

Growing up we thought we knew it all. There was nothing momma could say that we really listened to. You know how it goes when you're feeling yourself or like the old folks say, “Smelling your musk”. You have that attitude that momma is tripping and always fussing. The most common one is she is always being mean and judging people.

We basically think of anything we can; not to listen to their advice, because we just wanna do what we wanna do. Nevertheless, as we start to become an adult and things in life happens we start to see just what momma was talking about. It all began to make sense.

Those same girls that she use to say “That girl is not your friend”, turns out she really wasn't. They usually turn in ways you never thought they would. “ You need to stay out the streets so much” how many friends or people were injured, died, or got caught up in some way in the streets? All the times you said, “Thank you Lord; it could have been me”. It was trouble in those streets. “You better learn how to pray cause it will take you a long way” Chile I know some of you all can say "Somebody had to be praying for me," when you went through certain situations in your life.

All of us can say that there are plenty of times our mothers have worked our last nerves. We would be soo mad and upset to the point that we questioned why. As you grow up and become an adult you get a better understanding of why she she did or said this and that. She was only trying to prepare us for life and adulting. Oh boy, if only I could go back to being a child. Our mothers cared, loved, and wanted the best for us.

As an adult and having children of my own. I understand the struggles and worrying that comes along with being a mother. One that really cares and want nothing, but the best for her children.

--A Mother's Love Is Forever!!!

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