When Being the Strong One isn't Working

In life there are just some of us that are so use to being the support for everyone; the one that everyone goes to for help and advise, they listen to everyone's problems, and always a helping hand. What society often titles as "the strong one". We never see them cry nor shed a tear. Yes, I must admit that they're strong, but even the strong ones need support and help from time to time.

No matter who they are or how strong they are at some point in life situations begin to take place and things change. The devil may decide that they're having too much fun and that he wants to come and shake up they're life a little. Nevertheless, at this point "the strong one" is overwhelmed. However, they hold it in and don't tell a soul. Instead they just keep going, but at the same time they're thinking who can I talk to or go to? Everyone around them is always calling them with their problems, so how can they help them fix theirs. They can't even help themselves. So what is next?

"The strong one" is holding it in until it leads to depression, stress, sadness, or tears. All of those horrible things we don't want to see our love ones go through. It leaves them out here lonely, because they still haven't figured out what to do. Eventually they decide to call on someone they thought they could talk to, but that person was negative or just wanted to talk about their own situation. They didn't even have time. This only leaves them feeling even more loss and alone. This is definitely a tuff situation and something we don't often think about. However, it is extremely important that we check on our love ones. I realize that this is a hard role to play to have to be the one to check on a person that is not at their best. It's TRUE though, there are days when even the strongest person needs a listening ear, a hug, or a shoulder to cry on. It's sad to say, but sometimes they may not ever reach out to you so there are a few signs that you should look for. Be sure to note that when these signs occur don't ignore them, but get up and check on your friend, rather it's inviting them out to dinner or hanging out, talking over a nice and relaxing bottle of wine, or maybe a simple phone call.


Listed below are 6 signs you should look for to determine if you should be concerned about your friend and check on them.

  • They don't quite sound or look the same.

  • Social Media posts are unusual.

  • You haven't heard from of seen them in a couple of days.

  • They've switched up their normal routine.

  • Sudden weight loss or gain.

  • Bad breakups.

Let's just keep in mind that this is a serious situation and we have to love each other and be here for each other as well.

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